Why WordPress a better choice?

‘Blogging’ is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear “WordPress”. Definitely, WordPress can be used to create blogs, but its actual capability is not limited in blogging. It is the most popular and very user-friendly CMS (Content Management System) and can be mainly used for creating websites. But the general definition of WordPress as a mere “Blogging system” keeps a lid on the actual strength of WordPress. It actually gives ground for a new evolution of websites and what makes WordPress so attractive is it’s customization feature.

Whenever a choice for WordPress comes, many of us have a couple of delusions to clear up. Now we are gonna figure out some common misconceptions, let’s have a look at why WordPress is notable than traditional websites and other content management systems.

Better than Other CMS

While CMS like Joomla is still around, developers prefer WordPress since Joomla is less user-friendly and not consistent compared to WordPress. Joomla is similar to WordPress, using PHP and HTML, but it has limited free templates and setup is somewhat complex. Joomla is GOOD but WordPress is GREAT.

Save Money

As it enables you to make the edits in your website, WordPress is the best way to save money that you would have paid for the developer.

Greater Accessibility

If you have a computer with internet access you can make the changes on a website without any additional software.


Plugins in WordPress provide improved performance, Search Engine Optimization and better user experience. Many developers are working hard to make interactive plugins for WordPress. But using too many plugins will affect the compatibility of websites.

Better Time Management

We can schedule a post on a WordPress website to publish it on a date as per our wish.

Speed of Communication

Website visitors will get the most current updates since the content can be changed promptly by someone who owns it.

Social Networking Friendly

New blog in WordPress websites will automatically integrate with social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Ultimate in SEO Friendliness

There are two reasons which make WordPress websites SEO friendly. First WordPress blog code is consistent and streamlined. There is no excessive HTML code which is very inviting for indexing. Second, we can customize every page with the right set up. Frequent contributing to the website will attract search engines.

RSS Feeds

RSS (Real simple Indication) referred to as news feeds. If we want to keep track of updates on our websites RSS is the best choice.

Growth Potential

Navigation or links to new pages will be added automatically based on the categories we assigned for those pages.

Improved Security

WordPress sites can be hacker-proofed more securely than the traditional websites if only the right people were involved in the set up of WordPress installation.

Two-Way Communication with Visitors

Two-way communication with visitor is possible through blog comments in WordPress. Inclusion of keyword phrases in the comments will help to build better search positioning.

Increase Your Perceived Industry Authority

Publishing posts frequently and presenting the website with fresh ideas is helpful to make better bonding with the audience.

This is probably not an all inclusive list. One can enjoy more benefits from using WordPress. We can easily add audios and videos to pages. Editing and adding new pages & images are easy as in MS Word. I hope now you realize why WordPress is a better choice and you should also know that Webandcrafts specializes in this area of website development and our developers know the ins and outs of WordPress. If you are looking for a website with the facility of updating it frequently, please consider using WordPress. There are many CMS systems available other than WordPress. But so far WordPress wins the competition. If you are conscious about saving time & money, SEO and free CMS WordPress is the best option. Let’s get started.