The Endless Possibilities Of Digital Marketing!

When you hear the term “Marketing”, What comes to your mind?

Marketing is a process which evolved through word of mouth, newspaper advertising, radio advertising, TV advertising and then to Digital advertising! Digital Advertising was a huge leap for marketers. It led to the study of “DIGITAL MARKETING”. The study of digital marketing encouraged marketers to effectively interact with the audience on a more personal level. The introduction of marketing tools eventually helped in utilizing the customer’s preferences for different markets and converting them to potential buyers for different brands. The marketing tools globally used are Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Social media giants Facebook and Twitter also help marketers to target their huge audience through Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads.

Why this much fuss over Marketing?

Marketing is necessary for a product/ business to reach its audience. Whether its traditional marketing or digital marketing, a proper marketing strategy is essential to sustain in the market. Each year, the number of business players entering the market is increasing. What makes a company different is its unique branding strategy. Branding strategy unlike marketing strategy is a long term process, it revolves around the values on which the company is built on. The key difference between marketing and branding is that marketing is advertising your product while branding is saying who you are. It may take a while for people to know who you are but in the long run, it will be what which makes the greatest impact. There are different values prioritised by the company in building its branding strategy.